Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Build yourself through mp3 autosuggestions

Download these mp3's and listen to them with your MP3 player or on your computer-->
Stop Blushing audio Hypnosis Download
Does blushing stops you from achieving success in life?
Fear of dentists audio Hypnosis Download
How To overcome this fear?
Anger Management audio Hypnosis Download
How to control your anger?
Create Wealth audio Hypnosis Download
Create mindset which will allow for the change to take effect!

You know all these characteristics that you wish to have and you don't really know the way or means to create them.
There are some established methods to achieve some positive attributes and there are even upgrades to these systems.
Now you have probably heard of auto-suggestion and you may think that it does work or that it doesn't but auto-suggestion with a good relaxation technique and visualizations can be a powerful tool.
Basis of all self-hypnosis techniques is a good relaxation procedure. Starting from this point, all auto-suggestions given in a state of relaxation will be better accepted and will have stronger effect than these given in usual, common state of mind.
Next, these suggestions are one level stronger if followed with adequate visualization or even image, because pictures are
what our unconscious understands better. Now, if we construct our audio in a descriptive way, which will create images
in our brain and also emotions than we have something going on.
Next, if I say that positive thinking is generally considered helpful, then you have most of ingredients for a good
recipe for building a better you. It is really like building or creating yourself or part of you that didn't exist before.
Many people have problem with confidence, weight loss, smoking or even fear of public speaking, you name it and how can such condition be changed?
Hypnosis, by some is thought to help with such problems, but you need to have certified hypnotist who is not always around. Another way for building a better you is listening to premade audio scripts focused on a certain problem or on a desired trait.
Prerecorded audios may or may not create a change, but even hypnotists can't help always.
Gemma Bailey, Certified Trainer of NLP & Hypnotherapy, founder of has created many audios like Quit Smoking, Improve Confidence, Eat Less, Erectile Dysfunction, Dealing with Drug Addiction and many more.

You may also take a look at these sites for more info:
Stop Smoking with Hypnosis - gives some tips for anybody trying to quit smoking
Weight loss through hypnosis - You may also try to lose weight through hypnosis has reviewed, which is a resource with all kinds of hypnosis downloads.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Some resources for hypnosis

If you would like to read more about hypnosis visit Wikipedia, page about hypnosis. Popular definitions and theories, research, methodologies and effects, focused attention and increased suggestibility, influence on judgment, selfhypnosis and autosuggestion, stage hypnosis, governmental qualification of hypnosis. Some of the most interesting aspects of hypnosis is certainly hypnotherapy and for example using hypnosis to quit smoking and to lose weight.

Visit American Society of Clinical Hypnosis website. ASCH is promoting hypnosis as a valuable clinical tool. Founded by Milton Erickson, it is largest organisation of health care professionals using clinical hypnosis in the US.

Read this article about hypnosis from mayoclinic website. What is hypnosis and what happens when hypnotized, who is hypnosis for and what conditions it can help, types of hypnosis one of them being selfhypnosis, myths about hypnosis and the truth, how to choose a professional and what questions to ask, what are risks of hypnosis. has self-hypnosis articles on weight loss, how to quit smoking, improving self-confidence, CD's and audio tapes to aid you in achieving hypnotic trance. Beside that, there are some excellent articles such as Deep relaxation or Self-Hypnosis Induction for example. It may be possible to lose weight, eat less and exercise more, with hypnosis, but there still must be a will to do so.

Institute for the Study of Healthcare Organizations & Transactions has an interesting article about the basics of hypnosis. It contains answers to frequently asked questions such as What is Hypnosis, Who can be Hypnotized, How is Hypnosis Measured, What Happens During Hypnosis, Can I Hypnotize Myself, History of hypnosis, Health and Hypnosis, Hypnosis and Pain, Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Disorders, Hypnosis and Weight Control, Hypnosis and Smoking.

Also in Australia there is the Australian Society of Hypnosis. is also a great resource for improving your life with hypnosis. There you can find articles and CD's whether you're trying to quit smoking, learn hypnosis, quit drinking or lose weight. Read also Self-hypnosis crash course.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Exploration into hypnosis and healing

It's impossible to talk about hypnosis without mentioning Isa Gucciardi.
She combined hypnosis, psychology, shamanism, buddhism and energy medicine to create powerful healing technique for mind and body. Read about Isa Gucciardi.
Why I'm talking about her is the simple fact that everything she talks about rings a bell in me.
I think that hypnosis is one of the tools which could be used to help ourselves. The question is where hypnosis helps and what are the limits of this technique.
It should not be considered a cure for everything. But on the other hand it may help sometimes when traditional medicine got nothing else to try.
Hypnosis may be able to move our energy into the positive direction thus enabling our body to heal itself. This process is certainly not instant magic healing and sometimes needs a lot of work and will to create results.

Why hypnosis may work?
Well, we create ourselves everyday, our thinking, our behaviour. If we imagine our thoughts are creating force for our mind then if we could take control of them we could control our life in a much bigger percentage then before. Moderate positive thinking may help our creativity and eficiency. Higher levels of relaxation and concentration achieved may help us to find solutions easier. Advanced techniques may influence positive changes to occur faster, producing more fulfiling and satisfied lives. Hypnosis used in conjunction with energy healing whether to release blockages or to heal and restore balance is in my opinion really valuable tool and I see no better. This tool may give some insights into the purpose where everything else failed but I think that this is practically achievable only through the guidance of some good hypnotherapist. And even then it is not a cure for all diseases.

Hypnosis sometimes may be used to recall images from our past lives. Sometimes our present troubles cannot be resolved without calling long gone memories and traumas.
They are recorded in our energy pattern. This serves as a record although it's much more than that. All of it brings "Tree of life" into the light?
This site takes some thoughts and ideas from various religions, traditions and other sources.
Dreams, for example, may be valuable source leading to transformation of someone's life.
It's a matter of what you believe and what you don't believe, just a personal opinion.
It may be just one possibility but it also could be real. It doesn't change much even if that's how it is, we're still the same.  

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Reincarnation and hypnosis

Well it may aswell be dismissed that reincarnation happens at all but why not suppose it may be the case. Then, situations and circumstances we're in may be caused partly by our past lives actions.
It may get a bit complicated if analysed further but let's start from a presumption that reincarnation happens. What then? Our health issues and behaviour patterns may come from our past lives. If someone wish to accept the possibility of reincarnation then some more info may come into the game.
Let's say that our behaviour is sort of predetermined. We can react this and that way but not far away from the program. For the program to be changed we need to act consistently different and with good will.
For the smoking habbit to be changed, we need to have wish to breathe clear air with our lungs free from the cigarrete smoke. That's an example. This program as I see it is printed in our energy body and that's where change happens.
Now, various situations in this or past lives hits our energy body also. This "hit" or shock or even positive experience is saved in our energy body which stores them all, all events. They, in turn, change our behavioural patterns. We're like clay or some self-learning entity.
Change in energy body can also be made "easily" without huge, instant energy spending, but then it needs time and is not always sure to work.
Intensive, energetic experiences are faster, stronger changes in our energy field, whether for good or bad. Experiences with less energy in them but with more repetitions become the same thing at the end.
Reincarnation in this manner, with hypnosis used to enlighten our past lives, may be the tool to change ourselves, change program we act upon.
Under the guidance of a good hypnotherapist it may be possible to make some changes other tools fail to achieve.
One place I found interesting is certainly
Tarot-etcetera - Reincarnation
Few really great stories of reincarnation there give some more light at the subject of reincarnation and subconsciousness. Emotional Release Therapy developed by Dr.Paul Mostman is another great way to heal yourself and release blockages.
The trick is to understand causes of a problem as is allways in life. Whether it is or is not a past life experience does not lessen the worth of the therapy if it came out to be successful.
Believing in reincarnation doesn't really change anything, life stays the same.
See Reincarnation FAQ which is great resource for anyone having questions and doubts about reincarnation / past life.
It is also an interesting fact that most religions do have some parts mentioning reincarnation and past lives, some are even based around it. Most people in general have other, really more important interests, like how to survive and what to eat today and tommorow or how to live through another busy day at work, and reincarnation is not always at the top of the priorities list. Also, most discoveries brought positive changes, not negative anyway but most of us humans don't like or are affraid of changes.

As all the text at this is just my personal opinion and thoughts and is not supposed to be substitute for qualified medical help.

Relaxation and hypnosis

Relaxation is needed, well most of the time, to achieve hypnotic trance.
Mastering relaxation and finding out the best techniqe to achieve deep relaxation is basis for successful selfhypnosis and hypnosis.
While searching through the articles available ont the web, it is mostly theoretical sort of material available, not many examples of people using hypnosis to cure themselves or to change some patterns of behaviour like negative habits and similar.
Relaxation is especially needed when learning selfhypnosis without help from a certified hypnotherapist.
Not to forgot breathing techniques,
suggestions, whether autosuggestions or prerecorded which may help in achieving state of hypnosis. Breathing techniques are probably "closest" to successful relaxation but this may be widened broadly. It is logical to say that all parts of successful hypnotrance must be connected but deep or controlled breathing is somehow needed to accomplish relaxation.
Video/visual aids like swirls may also help.
Brainvawe generators may help also. Astral projection is also some sort of trance or at least altered state of mind, just like hypnosis.
Imagery is an important part in creating ourselves. It is sort of hypnosis and it does the same but through longer time frame. The point is that we use it daily and it doesn't matter if we're aware of it or not. Hypnotic trance comes out to be accelerated self-formation or transformation through the release of energy blockages or traumas?
This is achieved through increased suggestibility caused by the hypnotic trance state.
Daily pratice is another important part.
There's an excellent article at hyptalk covering basic functioning of hypnosis and ourselves in general. Also explained briefly are symptoms and signs which indicate hypnotic state.